Be well friends…

There are so many challenges we are all facing right now that it is hard to know what direction to look in. Here in Nashville in the past two weeks we have faced a tornado that destroyed or disrupted many of our family and friend’s homes and businesses, and now the presence of COVID-19 which has now shut down all but essential business. While the storm is not over yet, we have seen love shown from friends and strangers.

In the midst of all of this heartbreak and turmoil is the search for gratitude.

If I stop for a moment I do not have to look far though… laughing on a group family text with those living in different parts of the country, having FaceTime tea with a friend that lives nearby since we cannot visit each other, waving and talking to the many people that walk our neighborhood, quick phone calls to family that are close, but that I cannot visit right now.

And also for the earth that I tend, and all the green things that are coming up in it. Gratitude for the seedlings that grow ever stronger that will be transferred to the earth soon, the “weeds” growing in my yard that I can put in my soup, the beautiful pink peach blossoms that are raining down in the breeze, the mockingbirds that have become friends.

Beyond the gratitude is a desire for action…

We had classes scheduled at The Spring House for the entire year; many of which are now on hold. I had hoped to eventually have some online offerings, and now suddenly we are launching into that without much preparation. Our first class will be April 4, 2020 at 7 pm CST on Facebook Live, called Gardening on the Edges. (This class is free. There are no gimmicks and nothing to sell.) This class won’t be fine tuned or polished, but we hope that it will encourage you to get your hands in the dirt. Our passion for everyone being able to grow their own food feels more important than ever. We hope you will join us.

The second endeavor we are launching is The Seed Revolution. This is not a business, but a movement about the power of a seed. It is about living locally, growing our own food, and learning to live life in community with each other and with the green world around us. We hope you will visit the site and become part of the revolution.

Peace & love, Robert & Joni McKeown (March 2020)