helicon apothēca

helicon apothēca

botanicals, stones & more

At helicon apothēca we believe, that as humans, we are part of nature, and as such, that our connection to the earth is vital. We also believe that all living things are sacred, and that they are truly our relatives. It is by joining together with these relatives we can find balance and healing for ourselves and the earth.

Our green relatives, the plants and trees, have been here much longer than we have, and hold much wisdom and healing, which they share with us, as we respect them.

Many of the varieties of plants and trees growing at The Spring House have a rich history of herbal medicinal uses, including at-risk medicinal plants, traditional medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, native plants and trees, as well as more common plants that spring up, which are often considered to be “weeds” and yet which are also important. These plants bring healing to us through their presence on our land, and also as the part of many of our botanicals.

We also offer a small collection of stones, at helicon apothēca, who are also full of wisdom and healing. (We specialize in stones for stone medicine practitioners and those in the healing arts.)  You will also find more miscellaneous curated items for your creative nature to help you bring beauty and healing into the world.