Take a Stone – Leave a Stone

Take a Stone – Leave a Stone

Do you live in the same neighborhood as The Spring House? Then we hope you will join in with…

 Take a Stone – Leave a Stone !


What exactly is Take a Stone – Leave a Stone?

It is a way for those of us, aged 1-100, who love stones, so that we can share the joy of stones with each other.

How do I participate?  Simply visit the shelf on our side fence near the United Plant Saver’s Botanical Sanctuary sign.  Bring a stone that you love with you – to leave on the shelf, and take a stone that you love with you.

The rules…


What does that actually mean? It means that you should only leave a stone that you really love. (So, no picking up a piece of gravel from a driveway.) It should mean something to you.  Your love for that stone will go to the next person that takes it.

It also means that whatever stone you take should mean a lot to you. After all… someone that loved it left it for someone else, so we want to make sure that it is loved in its new home as well!

And that it! We hope you will joined us in sharing the joy!



Take a Stone – Leave a Stone is sponsored by The Tiny Stone Shop.




PLEASE NOTE: All participants of Take a Stone – Leave a Stone participate at their own risk.

By participating in Take a Stone – Leave a Stone, you are agreeing that Helicon / The Spring House are not be responsible for damage or injury that may occur to yourself or your property by your participation in Take a Stone – Leave a Stone.