On the Edges Permaculture Design

On the Edges Permaculture Design

On the Edges Permaculture Design specializes in designing small urban properties, and whether you are looking for a full design, or just figuring out a few small steps that you can start with, to live a lifestyle more connected to the land and environment, we can help you accomplish your goals.

Why the name “On the Edges”? Edges in nature, are places where two ecosystems overlap. These edges contain more diversity than the individual ecosystems themselves, since they include species from both. Because of that, they are extremely valuable in any design. These are areas, such as, where the woods meet a meadow, where a pond meets the shore, and even where a dry area in your lawn meets a wetter area. These interfaces can be some of the most important elements of a design, because of the diverse richness found there (or that is possible there).

This important principle of permaculture, called edge effect, encompasses more than just natural ecosystems though. It can apply in many other ways, as well, including how we as humans can let our diversity make us stronger when we come together in community.

On the Edges Permaculture Design seeks to incorporate all of these types of edge effects into our designs, bringing balance and richness into both nature and into our lives.



We want to acknowledge the debt owed to the indigenous people around the world who have used these principles for many generations, and whose wisdom was taken without acknowledgement to develop the ideas behind what is now called Permaculture.

It is our intent to acknowledge these gifts with gratitude to them.  

In addition, we will also donate a portion of all proceeds from these consultations to one of the various indigenous organizations we support.


Joni McKeown PDC is a permaculture designer, consultant and educator specializing in regenerative urban design and community building, with an emphasis on using native plants and medicinal herbs.