The Spring House Urban Farm

The Spring House Urban Farm




We grow food both for ourselves and to share with others.  Our little urban farm is one large experiment in making the world better place by engaging with the plants and people around us in ways that benefit both.  When possible we focus on varieties that are important to protect, such as many Slow Food Ark of Taste crops, as well as trying to discover varieties that do well in our area, and that have great adaptability to the changing climate stressors in our environment. 

All plants and crops are grown organically (non-certified) in a biodiverse environment. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, or GMO seeds or plants are ever used.

Our property is maintained using organic, permaculture, and biodynamic principles, which allows us to cultivate intensively, while still producing nutritious and flavorful crops.

(We also have a great love for growing French and Italian varieties.)




We think it all begins with a seed.

Another one of our endeavors at The Spring House is The Seed Revolution. This a movement about the power of a seed. It is about living locally, growing our own food, and learning to live life in community with each other and with the green world around us. We hope you will visit the site and become part of the revolution.

In addition to the work of The Seed Revolution, we actively save seeds and participate in the seed saving community through the Community Seed Network and the Seed Saver’s Exchange, as well as other organizations.

We are also transitioning to using mainly Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) pledged seeds, and are supporting companies selling OSSI-pledged seeds. by working together we can “free the seeds”!



PROJECTS 2021-2022

We are excited to be participating in a couple of projects this year with two of our favorite winter garden vegetables: escarole/endive/radicchio and collards…

The Gusto Italiano Project | Uprising Seeds

A collaborative project between Uprising Seeds, the Culinary Breeding Network, and northern Italian vegetable breeders, Smarties.Bio. The project was born primarily from a mutual love of radicchio and a desire to further establish it as an anchor of the fall and winter produce season here in the North America

Utopian Ultracross Collards | A Community Seed Selection Project

A community of seed savers will help select 21 inter-crossed heirloom varieties towards a cold-hardy, beautifully diverse and delicious collard mix.